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US provides additional US$57 million in humanitarian assistance to South Sudan

July 5, 2024 | US, Nutrition, WASH & Sanitation, Global Health | Share this update

On July 5, 2024, the US, in response to the continuing humanitarian crisis in South Sudan, announced an additional US$57 million to the people of South Sudan to address the compound effects of violence, mass migration, and climate events such as seasonal flooding.

The care provided by the US will include health, WASH services, shelter, and other protections for vulnerable populations.

The UN estimates that 73% of the local population will need humanitarian assistance in 2024. 1.6 million children are at risk of acute malnutrition.

The US has provided US$351 million in FY2024 and a total of US$7.3 billion to South Sudan since 2011, when the country gained its independence.

Press release - USAID

PEPFAR faces additional funding cuts in FY2025

July 4, 2024 | US, Global Health | Share this update

On July 4, 2024, it was reported that PEPFAR, which had already faced hurdles on reauthorization, appears set to be cut by more than 6% in FY2025.

The US' Biden administration is planning to cut the program by 6% in FY2025. PEPFAR was due to be reauthorized for an additional five-year term in 2023, but accusations of using funding for abortions, which is prohibited by US law, eventually led the program to be reauthorized for a single year.

Supporters of PEPFAR worry that the progress made since the turn of the century will be jeopardized. PEPFAR is viewed as one of the most effective US foreign assistance programs, but progress across countries has been uneven. HIV/AIDS advocates called for a strategic review of the program to ensure past gains are not lost.

News article - Devex

USAID points to acute food security report as basis for more action in Sudan

June 28, 2024 | US, WASH & Sanitation, Global Health, Nutritious Food Systems | Share this update

On June 28, 2024, based on a new report from the IPC, USAID Administrator Samantha Power raised concerns about growing acute food security reported in April and May 2024 in Sudan, along with dire projections for June 2024 through February 2025.

Power noted that the food insecurity crisis is historically severe, with more than half of Sudan's population facing severe levels of hunger, which are the highest levels ever measured.

Power pointed to the conflict between the Sudanese Armed Forces and the Rapid Support Forces and the inability to get humanitarian assistance to the region. Although the US and other partners are continuing to support the people of Sudan with provisions of food, malnutrition treatment, health care, and other assistance, especially to vulnerable populations, more is needed to assist the cross border assistance relief effort.

Power also called upon the warring factions to negotiate an immediate ceasefire.

Press release - USAIDReport - IPC

UK pledges to reallocate US$58 million to AVMA, does not commit to Gavi replenishment

June 20, 2024 | UK, France, Spain, US, Global Health R&D, Global Health | Share this update

On June 20, 2024, UK Foreign Secretary David Cameron attended the Gavi Investment Opportunity and AVMA launch in Paris, France, and pledged to reallocate GBP49 million (US$58 million) to Gavi’s newly launched AVMA through reallocated COVID-19 funding already committed to Gavi.

Co-hosted by Gavi, the African Union, and France, the event saw Gavi lay out its investment case for 2026 and 2030 and call for US$9 billion in new donor funding.

The UK did not make an early pledge to Gavi’s new replenishment, unlike the US, France, Spain, and some philanthropic providers, which committed a total of US$2.4 billion. Gavi is set to engage in an intense period of fundraising with a view to hosting a final pledging event in 7 to 12 months.

Since the creation of Gavi, the UK has invested GBP5.5 billion (US$7 billion) in the organization, helping to vaccinate over a billion children and save millions of lives.

The UK did not provide an early pledge to Gavi's 2026-2030 replenishment.

Press release - UK government

US announces US$1.5 billion to strengthen Ukraine's energy, humanitarian needs, civil society

June 15, 2024 | US, Agriculture, Global Health, WASH & Sanitation | Share this update

On June 15, 2024, during a peace summit in Ukraine with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, US Vice President Kamala Harris announced a new US$1.5 billion package of support to the people of Ukraine through energy, humanitarian assistance, and civil society.

The assistance will come through both USAID and the State Department and includes US$500 million in new assistance for the energy sector. US$324 million in previously announced energy funding will be used to address emergency assistance aimed to repair damaged infrastructure, as well as to expand and protect other infrastructure.

US$379 million in humanitarian assistance will provide food, health, shelter, and WASH services to the people of Ukraine. The final part of the package will assist with civilian security assistance to help law enforcement and border guards operate on the front lines.

Press release - USAID

US to provide additional US$315 million in humanitarian assistance to Sudan

June 14, 2024 | US, Agriculture, WASH & Sanitation, Global Health | Share this update

On June 14, 2024, USAID and the US State Department announced an additional US$315 million for emergency assistance to the people of Sudan in response to the ongoing regional crisis.

The war, having lasted for over a year, has caused extreme hunger for nearly 5 million people. Overall, about 25 million people in Sudan are in need of immediate assistance, which has internally displaced about 10 million people and has cause food insecurity in Sudan's border countries. The new funding is slated to help address acute malnutrition and hunger-related deaths.

The assistance will provide food, nutrition services, WASH services, and health care, especially focused on children. Other lifesaving assistance will be provided to refugees both in Sudan and in neighboring countries.

Press release - USAID

USAID to provide additional US$176 million for West African humanitarian relief

May 28, 2024 | US, Nutrition, WASH & Sanitation, Global Health | Share this update

On May 28, 2024, USAID announced an additional US$176 million to communities in the Sahel and Lake Chad Basin areas of West Africa in response to increased humanitarian needs brought about by declining security conditions.

The emergency relief will include food, nutrition, safe water, health care, and assistance to the most vulnerable populations. The assistance will be implemented through the UNFP, UNICEF, and OCHA, and will go to people in Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Chad, Mali, Niger, Mauritania, and Nigeria.

The US is the largest donor to the region. Representatives noted the serious humanitarian crises and called on other donors to help meet the funding shortfall.

Press release - USAID

USAID pledges US$593 million in humanitarian assistance to Syrian communities

May 27, 2024 | US, Nutrition, Global Health, WASH & Sanitation | Share this update

On May 27, 2024, as part of the European conference on Syria, the US pledged US$593 million in additional humanitarian assistance for the people of Syria, amounting to almost 15% of the total appeal for funding for this year.

According to USAID, 90% of the Syrian population live below the poverty line, and 70%, of half of which are children, will need humanitarian assistance. The conditions were brought about by the ongoing conflict and a 2023 earthquake. The assistance is slated to include food, water, shelter, health care, and protection for vulnerable people.

This US has provided a total of US$17.8 billion for the Syrian response since the beginning of the conflict.

Press release - USAIDNews article - AP

G7 finance ministers call on donors to coordinate efforts, increase investments

May 25, 2024 | UK, France, Canada, Japan, US, Italy, Germany, EUI, Global Health, Climate, Education, Agriculture, Gender Equality, Nutritious Food Systems | Share this update

On May 23-25, 2024, the G7 Ministers of Finance met at a summit in Stresa, Italy, where the ministers voiced support for contributions to the IDA, WHO, Gavi, and the Global Fund in the resulting communiqué.

The G7 ministers supported efforts towards a successful 21st replenishment of the IDA by the end of 2024 through an ambitious policy and financing package. Notably, they did not give a concrete signal that the critical US$100 billion threshold requested by the World Bank will be crossed, nor any indication of the US$120 billion expected by African leaders.

The ministers reaffirmed their dedication to strengthening the governance and finance of the global health architecture and voiced support for refinancing processes of several GHIs, such as Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, the WHO, and the Global Fund, and expressed support for the Pandemic Fund. The communiqué called on the donor community to coordinate efforts and increase investments in global health in line with their capacities to ensure sustainable funding and maximize the impact of available resources.

Following the summit, the C7 pointed out the G7's lack of ambition and financial commitment to international development, including climate adaptation. International civil society organizations criticized the lack of any reference to allocating SDRs to global solidarity.

G7 Ministers of FinanceC7 statement

South Korea and US sign memorandum on health security

May 17, 2024 | US, South Korea, Global Health R&D, Global Health | Share this update

On May 17, 2024, the KOICA and the US CDC signed a memorandum of understanding on health security capacity building projects to continue the US' and South Korea’s flagship global health and security collaboration in Ghana with a follow-up project totaling KRW14 billion (US$11 million), which has garnered attention for its contributions to overcoming the COVID-19 pandemic crisis in the region.

The project aims to strengthen the prevention, detection, and response to public health risks and events such as the pandemic, yellow fever, and cholera by 2027. The US CDC, the Ghana Health Service, the University of Ghana, and the WHO will collaborate on the project funded by the South Korean government.

Ghana is a hub country for training epidemiologists in West Africa, which is expected to contribute significantly to health security and the establishment of an international network for domestic preparedness and response to emerging infectious diseases. This project will also contribute to raising Korea’s international profile on global health security.

Press release - KOICA (in Korean)News article - Yonhapnews (in Korean)






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