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In Norway, family planning is included in the government’s SRHR definition: “Sexual and reproductive health and rights involve having the information and access to services needed to make informed choices about sexuality and reproduction, free of discrimination, coercion and violence.”

Norway positions promoting and protecting SRH as essential for achieving gender equality and preventing unnecessary death and suffering. It is a precondition for sustainable development and a key element in the global fight against extreme poverty, and the government characterizes SRHR as central to promoting societal progress with economic development and social justice.

The government’s stance is that the integration of health services, including SRH services, improves access to and the efficiency of health systems, and enhances health outcomes for individuals. As such, SRH services should be prioritized as a part of an integrated national health services package that is adequately funded and implemented effectively.

Family planning or SRH are also mentioned in Norway’s International Strategy to Eliminate Harmful Practices 2019–2023 and Women, Peace and Security.

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