Policy Context

On November 29, 2022, the Norwegian government launched a new strategy on food security In this strategy, Norway stated that it will continue to support knowledge development within the fields of agriculture and food security. This includes supporting research at universities and research institutions in partner countries and through CGIAR. The strategy specifies that academia and research institutions in Norway and in low- and middle-income countries are developing new and relevant knowledge for the implementation of the strategy.

As part of development assistance efforts, Norway has maintained a cooperation program between Norwegian and foreign universities for over 50 years, including agricultural universities. CGIAR and other central agricultural research institutions contribute to the knowledge base for the design of policy concerning food security, agriculture, fishing, and forestry. The CGIAR institute has branches in several countries and contributes to developing and disseminating new relevant knowledge.

How is Norway’s bilateral ODA to agricultural R&D evolving?

In 2021, bilateral ODA to agricultural R&D was estimated at US$20 million. Although funding levels are estimated to have remained the same since then, Norway has demonstrated an increasing interest in agriculture and research for food security and systems.

Funding Outlook

Funding towards agriculture and food security is expected to remain or increase in the 2024 budget due to it being a top governmental priority. As such, it could also be expected that agricultural R&D will be prioritized more strongly, especially in the light of the new strategy on food security.

How is ODA to agricultural R&D calculated?

The estimations for agricultural R&D funding, both at aggregate and donor-specific level, are the result of a methodology created by SEEK Development and based on data from the Commission on Sustainable Agriculture Intensification. Numbers for 2020 and 2021 are projections calculated based on figures for 2017-2019, as well as trends identified through qualitative research.

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