Policy Context

The majority of the EUI’s funding for agricultural R&D stems from the EU’s new research framework program Horizon Europe. The framework includes a strong emphasis on cooperation with Africa, including on climate-related agriculture initiatives, through the Africa Initiative’s green transition pillar. Its 2021-22 program included the EU-Africa Research and Innovation Partnership on FNSSA and multilateral cooperation through IRCs, including a new partnership on soil and climate change.

Funding for adaptation, including for partners outside of Europe, will be made available through Horizon Food's cluster 6: Food, Bioeconomy, Natural Resources, Agriculture, and Environment. Systems and agriculture priorities are often embedded within the EU’s broader narrative on climate and the European Green Deal. Specific calls for proposals on adaptation have been issued under the 2023-2024 Work Program. A total of EUR10 billion ( US$11.4 billion) has been allocated to cluster 6.

How is the EUI’s bilateral ODA to agricultural R&D evolving?

In 2021, EUI’s bilateral ODA to agricultural R&D was estimated at US$200 million.

Funding Commitments

EUI’s recent top headline commitments to agricultural R&D

On April 24, 2023, the European Commission announced EUR70 million ( US$77 million) for two Global Gateway initiatives in Togo. The funding aimed to support Togo's 2025 development plan in cooperation with France, Germany, and the EIB. In particular, the funding was announced in relation to two agreements signed by European Commissioner for International Partnerships Jutta Urpilainen and Prime Minister of Togo Victoire Tomegah Dogbé on agriculture and electrification. EUR30 million ( US$33 million) was allocated to an agreement on developing agriculture and natural resources. Programming under this agreement adopted a holistic approach to strengthening agricultural value chains through WEE and leveraging sustainable innovations, such as solar-powered irrigation.

Funding Outlook

Agricultural R&D funding from the EUI is expected to grow in line with agricultural ODA between 2023-2024. Agricultural R&D is mainly funded through Horizon Europe, which is non- ODA funding and protected until the end of the MFF term in 2027.

How is ODA to agricultural R&D calculated?

The estimations for agricultural R&D funding, both at aggregate and donor-specific level, are the result of a methodology created by SEEK Development and based on data from the Commission on Sustainable Agriculture Intensification. Numbers for 2020 and 2021 are projections calculated based on figures for 2017-2019, as well as trends identified through qualitative research.

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